Biblical Names for Boys and Meaning

Biblical Names for Boys and Meaning

Name given to a child is important to the destiny of the child. When selecting a name for a child, parents should understand the meaning of the name. Selecting a biblical name for a child should be accustomed with research, prayer and must be agreed upon by both the mother and father.

Here is a list of biblical names for boys.


Adam             –           Man/mankind (Genesis 2:9)

Aaron            –           The Exalted one (Exodus 4:14)

Abraham      –           High Father/Father of multitude (Genesis 17)

Asher             –           Joy (Genesis 30:13)

Barak             –           Lightning (Judges 4:6)

Barnabas      –           Son of exhortation/Son of Comfort (Acts 13:43)

Benjamin      –           Son of Strength/ Son of my right hand (Genesis 35:18)

Boaz               –           Swiftness/Strength is within me (Ruth 2:1)

Daniel            –           God is my Judge/God will judge (Daniel 1:6)

David             –           Beloved/Friend (Ruth 4:22)

Eleazar          –           My God has helped (Exodus 6:25)

Elimelech      –           My God is king (Ruth 1:2)

Elijah              –           My God is God (1kings 17:1)

Elisah             –           My God is salvation (1kings 19:16)

Enoch            –           Dedicated (Genesis 5:21)

Ephraim        –           Fruitful (Genesis 41:52)

Ezekiel           –           God strengthens (Ezekiel 1:3)

Ezra                –           Help, helper (Ezra 7:1)

Gabriel          –           God is my strength (Daniel 8:16)

Gideon          –           Hewer, one who cuts down (Judges 6:11)

Isaac               –           Laughter (Genesis 17:19)

Isaiah             –           God is salvation (2kings 19:2)

Jacob             –           Holder of the heel/Supplanter (Genesis 25:26)

Japheth         –           Enlarged (Genesis 5:32)

Jephthah       –           God will open, opener (Judges 11:1)


This is the first of the few posts on biblical names and their meaning. Watch-out for more.

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