Enforcing Your Victory with Pastor EA Adeboye; RCCG April Thanksgiving Service

Topic: Enforcing Your Victory

RCCG April Thanksgiving Service and Special Prayer for Firstborn and Their Families

Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye


The first born in every family is very crucial because they are the turning point of every family. It is when you have a first child you as a man is begin to call a father; until there is a first child is you as a woman is called a mother.

Firstborn are very special and they belongs God. This is why the devil is always after them.

 From now on our firstborns will begin to excel.  

Text: Romans 8:28-32

 The greatest victory ever won was on Sunday Easter morning Rev. 1-18

The greatest sacrifice ever made was on Good Friday. When they nailed Him to the cross several things happened, they beat Him, they crowned with thorns. Several things that terrible Friday called Good Friday. They buried Him and rolled a mighty stone over His tomb.

On Sunday the Almighty God sent an Angel to the grave. The Guards fell asleep by the time they woke up the stone has been rolled away.


Every stone blocking your way to life is rolled away this morning

Every satanic guard that assigned that you don’t reach your goal will be wiped away.

This Easter Sunday morning, everything called shame in your life will come to an end

Every garment of suffering that you have been wearing up till Friday, you will never wear them again.


He made a mighty sacrifice; John 15:13. But the bible says 1Cor 2:8 if the princes of the world known he would come back on Sunday morning they would have left him alone. If he had not risen our faith would have been in vain. What made Christianity stand out of all religions is that our Lord is alive.


He rose from the dead; several things that were supposed to come in the future came in the present. For example 1Pet.2:24. Prophet Isaiah said in Isaiah 53; that by His stripes we will be healed. When he arose what was meant to happen in the future came into the present; by His stripes we were healed.


I decree every sickness that followed you here, will not follow you out


Another example in 2Corinthians 8:9 – He became so that you through His poverty can be rich


Because He lives I decree, before next Easter Sunday you would have said bye bye to poverty.


He took the key of hell and death. 1cor. 15:5 because of this great resurrection we can now say “death where is your sting” God has given us victory through Jesus Christ. Death is just a horse now that we ride into Glory; because we have someone who had conquered death.


He won the victory for you; the onus now is on you to start enforcing your victory; to use His name against every form of handicap – Act 3:16. Use the name of Jesus to enforce your victory – Philippians 2:11. Use that name anytime you are faced with difficulties Philippians 4:19. Whenever you shout enemies tremble because He has smashed their master. Use His blood – Rev.12:11. Start enforcing your victory.




Use His word to enforce your victory – Matthew 24:35


I have good news for someone every opportunity you thought you have lost shall come back to you.


How do you begin to enforce your victory?

Mark 16:16-18 -You want signs and wonder begin to follow you Go – compel signs and wonders to follow you. It is those who are going that miracles signs and wonders will follow. Enforce your victory-don’t sit down.  When a child wants to walk will stagger – that fellow who is staggering on falling will one be running at the Olympics. That’s the same way with healing the sick.


He is made the victory available, expecting us to enforce it. But to do it you have to come to Him. Acts 19:11-17 – Paul believed that if somebody can touch the elm of his garment somebody can be healed; that’s why he is sending out his handkerchief.


Beginning from today; demons will see you and will begin to shout for help


Prayer- Father, you promised that if you will be lifted up, you will draw all men to yourself – You have been lifted-up, lift me up.

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