I shared a platform sometime ago with a medical practitioner; while he addressed physical health, I addressed spiritual health. He recommended periodic medical checkup for everyone.

“Can I ask you a personal question Doc.?” I scratched the smooth silence on our way home. “When last did you check yourself up?” I poked. “Pastor, I never did”! He sliced the loaf!

1 Timothy 4:16 – Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.


Watch Your Life: One of the basic signs a watchful guard picks is a strange movement or strange object. Do you watch your life for strange affection? Have you started feeling strange about the opposite sex, money and fame? My dear, watch your appetite o! You can’t quench a destructive fire after you’re burnt sir!


Watch: Your Doctrine: you believe you are too strong to be wrong on any matter? What do you teach people and where did you learn them? What is the worth of your convictions? Serpent indoctrinated Eve and she saw that the doctrinal tree was GOOD for food, PLEASANT to the eyes and DESIRABLE to make one wise. You could get wild thinking you’re getting wise. A satanic doctrine may taste good, appear pleasant and desirable for twenty first century Information Age!

Closely: You can never know the truth by proxy. The Bible is not a book you read afar; it remains closed until you get close.


Persevere in Them: God preserves those who persevere. In the last days, it shall, though, be difficult to be a Christian but not impossible!

If you get it right, many people will not fall because you didn’t fail.


Ayo-oluwa Oloyede

Coordinator, Men of Purpose Network

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