Pastor E.A Adeboye Sermon- Stronger Than Your Enemies 3; Give Me This Mountain

March 2018 Holy Ghost Service

Theme: Stronger Than Your Enemies 3: Give Me This Mountain

Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye

Text: Joshua 14:11-12


Prayer: Father, please don’t let me miss my miracle tonight

Song: We are serving the God of Miracle, I know, Yes I know

Decree: There’s someone here tonight. God says “No more fruitless efforts”

Decree: There is someone here tonight, as hopeless as the situation may be, before the sun rises you will sing a new song

Prayer: Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, every mountain blocking my way to joy must move tonight.

One of the world’s prophesies that came is that the cold will get colder and the hot will get hotter. I heard a news that the whole Nation of Ireland has been shut down because of snow. I heard a city called Colorado drop -30 degrees overnight. When God speaks to you tonight, grab it. You will testify.

Joshua 14: 11-12 As yet I am as strong this day as I was in the day that Moses sent me: as my strength was then, even so is my strength now, for war, both to go out, and to come in.

Give me this mountain could mean telling the Almighty to give you a sea. Exodus 14:23-28 A sea blocked the children of Israel on their way to the promise land. But something happened, which will happen tonight; a wind blew. The wind of the Holy Spirit will blow tonight and there will be a way there seem to be no way.

When the wind blows, power will come. Acts 2:1-4; 33:1-8 Power came and an ordinary fisherman could make a decree and it could be established.

From today onward whenever you say that “every plant that my Father hasn’t planted shall be rooted off” it shall happen immediately

Acts 5:1-11 When power came, the shadow of a fisherman begin to heal the sick. This year, you won’t just only be blessed, you will be a blessing.

Prayer: Father, give me a sea to cross and let your wind blow.


Give me this mountain, could also mean “Give me a wall to pull down”. The Children of Israel was on their way to the promise land and there was a Jericho standing on their way. Joshua 6:20 Children of Israel shouted and the wall of Jericho came down.

Why will I ask God to give me a wall to pull down? So that I can have divine visitation. No challenges no miracles. Joshua 5:13-15 When Joshua saw the wall, for the first time in his life an Angel visited him and gave him instructions. I need divine visitations and I know some of you need a divine visitation. I know when there is a divine visitation wombs that have been closed will be open Gen 18:1-14 John 5:2-9

Mark 10:46-52 It was when Bartimaeus had a divine visitation that he could say bye bye to darkness, poverty and reproach.

Prayer: Father, if you are visiting two people tonight, let me be one of them. Let me have a divine visitation tonight; give me a wall to pull down.


Give me this mountain can mean “Give me a lion to fight so I can tear it into two – Judges 14:5-6

Decree: Those who are saying “Where is your God” will soon be saying “Are you the only one serving God”

Give me a lion so that I can prosper, so that everything I touch will begin to prosper. Judges 15:14-15 Some of us are bound by evil covenants, generational curses, witches and wizards. But when the fire comes down yokes will be destroyed, whatever you touch will begin to prosper. When the fire comes it will drive away the spirit of fear. One of the binding forces is the spirit of fear. Because fear is a spirit – 2Timothy 1:7.

Some are afraid of success but when the power of Holy Spirit comes upon you it will drive out fear and it will empower you to overcome your enemies.

Prayer, Father, today, drive out every spirit of fear. Let your spirit come down upon me; give me a lion and I will tear it into two.


Give me a mountain can mean “Give me a Goliath and I will kill him”

1Samuel 17:42-51 – David said to Goliath I come against you in the name of God

Why do I want you to give me a Goliath, is so that people may now the power on YOUR name. Philippians 2:19. The world need to know through you and through me that there is a name that can uproot anything – Psalm 90:1-3. This name works any time – Psalm 46:1. You don’t know the power in the name until you come face to face with Goliath.

Prayer: From now on Almighty, manifest the power of your name in my life.

Give me a mountain where there are giants could mean “Gather all my enemies together so that I can destroy them at once” – Daniel 6: 1-15

You may not know but you have enemies; enemies from your family, enemies from your working place and even enemies from the church. I want God to gather all my enemies tonight so that He can deal with them once and for all so that they won’t bother me anymore. Proverbs 16:7 – I want peace on a permanent basis and there are some enemies that just have to go. Some enemies will not change whether you beg them or not. If you spare any enemy, that enemy will grow and multiply.

Prayer: Father, I am your son. You are the Lord of Host. Tonight gather all my enemies together and finish them off; particularly those that are pretending to be my friend

Joshua made a statement said “I have waited 45years, I can’t wait any longer”. For someone here, as the Lord lives, no more waiting – Psalm 102:13

For someone here, later you will tell your friends “I don’t even know what failure means anymore”

Now, there are some miracles that can wait; next year, next month, tomorrow. Because today is a special day you will receive your miracle now. 32 years ago when God asked me what I want for my birthday gift I said I want him to bless all my church members. Today is the first day the Holy Ghost Service will fall on my birthday since it started 32 years ago.

Prayer: Father, I want my breakthrough now!

How can you take on mountains? It is a question of connection. If God be for you, you will take on mountains and lions. All who conquered deaths in the bible had connections.

Prayer: Father, don’t let me be disassociated from you.  Let me be connected to you forever till I see you in glory.

If you are not connected to Jesus, you cannot take on a mountain; you cannot tear lions into pieces and definitely, you cannot confront your Goliath.


Thank God for what He has already done tonight, particularly for the word He has sent to you.


Announcement: April Holy Ghost Service will be specially for children; bring the children to the camp. The theme of next month Holy Ghost Service is Stronger Than Your Enemies Part 4; Children of Conquerors

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