Prayer Points Against Inherited/Foundational Problems

Prayer Points Against Inherited/Foundational Problems

Most Christians suffer in life not because they live in sin but by the reason of their paternal connection.

I endear you to look inwards, look at the life of your parents; peradventure there is a problem they faced and already you are facing the same, reject it in the place of prayer.

#1. Give thanks and worship God

#2. Father, every generational curse that tormented my mother and my father will not torment me, in Jesus name.

#3. Father, deliver me from every inherited sickness and diseases

#4. Father, wherever my parents experienced delay, oh Lord don’t let me experience the same, in Jesus name.

#5. Father, what hindered my parent will not hinder me.

#6. Father, cut-off the umbilical cord connecting me to the curses from my father’s house and my mother’s house.

#7. Oh Lord, deliver me from the powers of the evil ones from my mother’s and father’s house

#8. Father, by your mercy, don’t let me suffer for the sins my father and mother.

#9. Father, by your mercy, I will not reap the evil deeds that my mother and father had sown.

#10. Oh Lord, I plead the blood of Jesus over my life, to wash me clean of every curse, in Jesus name. Amen


May God answer your prayers in Jesus name. Amen.


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