RCCG 2018 FASTING: Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

RCCG 2018 FASTING: Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions concerning the RCCG 2018 Fasting and Prayer.

#1. Question: During these two laps of fasting consisting 80 days, are we allowed to drink water?

Answer: Yes, you are allowed to drink water and depending on where your strength individually lies. Depending on also the kind of work you do, the nature of your job. During the day, you are meant to at least try and hydrate as much as possible, so that you don’t faint or pass out.

#2. Question: For those going on fasting without breaking, are they allowed to drink water, any form of liquid or fruit?

Answer: Yes, they are allowed, especially if you are doing a dry fasting, yes you can. But you have to take a little bit of tea, something with sugar content or any juice that has sugar content because your brain needs that sugar to keep functioning. If you are only water throughout your energy level would be reduced greatly and so would brain processing level be reduced as well.

#3. Question: Are pregnant women and nursing mothers supposed to participate in the fast?

Answer: They are exempted but if you still really want to do it, you can do it up to 12 noon for each day. So maybe from midnight to 12 noon on a day or 6:00am to 12 noon on a day depending on how much you can take.

#4. Question: For those fasting in the cold regions of the world, are they allowed to drink hot coffee?

Answer: coffee dehydrates extremely quickly, so does Redbull, any caffeinated drink dehydrates you highly é.g Coke. If you are in cold regions of the world, you can drink warm water, you can drink hot water. That is if you are doing the regular breaking at 6:00pm but if you are doing a dry fast, you can drink tea, you can drink chocolate. Please, any heavily caffeinated drink will dehydrate you, you need to be fueled. Multivitamin drinks would also be suggested for individuals that are doing long fasting as well but because you are in a cold weather does not necessarily mean that you are allowed to just be drinking randomly, that’s just an excuse not to fast properly.

#5. Question: What tips can you advise us to use so we can remain healthy and medically fit during the long fasting period?

Answer: Endeavor to take fruits…When you break you fast, please break with soft and gentle foods, that is, ogi, custard, items to going line the stomach wall easily first. Remember your stomach wall has been shut all day so as your internal organs have not experienced a lot of activities, breaking immediately with pounded yam might not be too healthy or such very heavy food. Inasmuch you can, because you would notice your body would have to slow you down and try to put you to sleep if you break with heavy meals. Of course, when you break at 6:00pm you can try and break with something light like vegetables, very light meals, get a full balanced diet, protein, vegetables and very little or light carbohydrates. If possible, do a snack before midnight before you start the next day’s fast so that way you are not hungry also go into the next day immediately and you are able to have your balanced diet as much as you possibly can or afford.

10 comments on “RCCG 2018 FASTING: Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Adesegun says:

    Sir pls provide clarifications on the issues of sex between married couples during this fasting period. Thank you sir.

    • Oluwafemi Olaonipekun says:

      Yes, it is allowed. For couples only. Though the fasting is a spiritual exercise but the flesh of the husband or wife could demand for it. Because they are married, either partner should not resist.

  2. Seun abiodun says:

    Weldone Admin!
    How many days would the dry fasting for 21days be?
    When on dry fasting at what interval or time are we to drink the tea or juice pls?I need proper clarification on this pls!
    Thank you!

    • Oluwafemi Olaonipekun says:

      dry fasting will be for 10days. There is no regulation to the particular time you should drink tea of juice. But that doesn’t you should drink juice every hour. But when you feel dizzy, you should take fluid.

  3. Sola says:

    When doing the 10 days straight fast, when are we to resume regular meals? Is it the night of 10th or 11th if one started on the 1st of July

  4. Abidemi says:

    We that are doing the dry fasting, don’t we have our own 10days scriptural reading and prayer point

  5. Chidinma Anazodo says:

    Can one switch from one to the other?, eg 25 days of regular fast & 11 days of dry fast.

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