RCCG February HolyGhost Service Sermon:Pastor E.A Adeboye-Stronger than Your Enemies

Stronger Than Your Enemies Part 2

Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye

Text: Luke Mark 11:22-23


There are two sides of me, one part a Mathematician, and the other part a pastor. We will solve some equations simultaneously.

Equation 1: There are certain problems beyond man

Equation 2: There is no problem beyond God Luke 18:27

Equation 3: Man can hide from God

Equation 4: No man can hide from God. Psalms 139:7-12

Equation 5: Security agents can be compromised

Equation 6: God can’t be compromised. Isaiah 6:1-3

Equation 7: Man can sponsor evil. Esther 3:8-9

Equation 8: God cannot sponsor evil, it is impossible. Job 8:20

There are equations and there is only one answer; if we solve these equations simultaneously we will find the Prayer Warrior is more effective than the Activist.

One mistake common to both the enemies of God and the children of God: Both underrate the power of prayer. But some of us however have realized that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to pull down strongholds. This is why I am calling on my children to pray, not as ladies and gentlemen but as Lions and Lionesses.

Today’s text is Mark 11:22-23 – Prophesy to your neighbor “God will answer you by fire tonight”

The sinner is programmed to fail by God Himself – Proverbs 11:21. There is no way a sinner can overcome his enemies.

Deuteronomy 28:1-7 – When enemies come against the children of God, they will flee seven ways because God is the One smiting the enemies; this isn’t so for sinners – Proverbs 28:1. Even when there are no enemies, the sinner will keep running; a running sinner can never stay to fight.

John 5:2-14 – Even when God graciously gives victory to a sinner, something more terrible will happen to him – Romans 6:23

There is no way the sinner can deceive death, but if the sinner surrenders to Jesus, the gift of life awaits him. Deuteronomy 30:19-20 – A sinner has the grace to choose between life and death

A sinner will always be defeated as long as he remains in sin. If God is on you, for you and with you, no one can defeat you. Let God be your ally; give your life to Jesus today. Let His blood was away your sins.

Don’t come to Him if you are not ready to leave your sins. He said you must be ready to take the yoke of Holiness upon you.

Tired of fighting your battles yourself? Surrender to Jesus today, He will save you, sanctify you and fight for you.

Ask God to be merciful unto you and forgive you. Tell Him to purify you and write your name in the book of Life.

If we have faith, any mountain we speak to will obey us. Mountain symbolizes huge enemies, strong adversaries well rooted.

Please pray like never before Daddy promised me that Mountains will move. If you listen to the news, you will hear the prophecies God gave us coming to pass. I want the ones about Mountains moving to begin in your life now.

What to do with your mountains:

  1. Don’t ignore them. You have to confront them so as to conquer. Matthew 18:18. Whatever you allow, God allows; whatever you disallow, God forbids. What you surrender to has the power to rule you no matter how long or how cruel – Joshua 5:13, Joshua 6:5. Don’t pretend there is no war when there is. Rather confront it with directions from God. Stop talking to man, talk to God. Say “Father, I need help; help me now”
  2. Talk to the mountain; engage the mountain(s) in a frank conversation. Tell the mountain it is time to move. Psalms 16:8 – Give the reasons the mountains will be moved and not you. Psalms 62:6 is another reason. The Lord is my Rock and my salvation; He is y defense. I SHALL NOT BE MOVED. Psalms 125:1 My trust is in God, I am as Mount Zion, I can never be moved; I abide forever. Hebrews 13:8– Jesus is in me, He is unmoveable. Acts 17:28– I move, live and have my being in Jesus. Galatians 2:20 The life I live now is not mine but that of Jesus, so mountain, you’ll have to move. When the mountains realize you aren’t going to move, it will definitely move. Say “Father, in the mighty name of Jesus’, I say to my mountain: move in Jesus’ name.”
  3. You have to explain to the mountain why it has to move. The reason is it is blocking your view. Proverbs 29:18 Where you can’t see, you have the possibility of perishing. Psalms 100:2. Anything that will not allow you serve God in gladness shouldn’t be permitted around you. Some of you want to serve God, but there is this comma in your life not allowing you. It has to go! – Nehemiah 8:10. Job 17:7- When you are sad, you can’t see clearly.

Mountains 🗻 are joy blockers, they don’t deserve to be before you.

Say “Father, everything that is not allowing me to serve You with joy must go tonight in Jesus’ name.” You’ll need to tell the mountain: “Mountain, I am not advising you.” Ezekiel 33:11. Matthew 28:20. Mountains obey commands and decrees, not pleas. Genesis 1:3.

You are a voice, not an echo. Don’t let the devil reduce you to a whimpering dog. Your Father is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! The Almighty God dwells in you. Let the Mountains hears you roaring at it. Job 22:21-28 – I am so crazy about holiness, it facilitates quick decrees. When you decree a thing, it happens almost immediately. It makes your Christian life more enjoyable. Pray, say “Father,  tonight,  I decree, every mountain in my life, move now in Jesus’ name.”

I join my faith with yours and decree that every mountain moves in Jesus’ name.

So shall it be.

You must finish the job of finishing your Mountains tonight, irrespective of what it will cost you. Joshua 11:22 – Leftover Mountains becomes bigger challenges in the future. When you kill Goliath tonight, do what David did; cut off his head. 1 Samuel 17:49-51. If you kill mama snake and leave baby snake, baby snake will become mama snake. When dealing with your mountains, don’t toy with it. You must tell it where to go. Don’t have any mercy on your Mountains, deal with it and deal with it thoroughly. Pray, say “Father, every mountain leaving me today, must go to the sea and perish.”

You must be specific when talking to your Mountains. Yours may be sickness, address it directly. 1Peter2:24. If it is demons troubling you, address them specifically with Revelations 12:11. Be specific to your Mountains if it is poverty, tell it about 2Corinthians 8:9; Jesus came poor so that you may be rich.

Pay attention to the special songs, God gave them to me because of you. I am a Mathematician and a Pastor, not a Song writer. God gave the songs because of you.

If your problem is persistent failure, tell it “I rebuke you by the presence of Jesus in my bones.” If it is stagnation, address it by the Word of God.

If you work like an Elephant, you should eat like an Elephant. If you believe, say “Amen.”

After you’ve commanded the mountains to move (I believe God has heard you), the next thing to do is to return all the glory to God. If you don’t thank God after fighting for you, you’ll need Him again. Judges 15:14-19. Don’t be like Samson, don’t attempt to take or share in God’s glory. Return to HIM as soon as He begins to fight for you. Never forget to give glory to God.

A major challenge with Christians is because they forget they need God ever hour. You need God every second, minute and hour.


Daddy says to tell someone “from now on,  my glory will overshadow you.”

🎶 What a Mighty God we serve, heaven and earth adore Him, angels bow before Him,  what a mighty God we serve. 🎶


Special Announcements

The Theme for Special Holy Ghost Service for March is Stronger Than Your Enemies Part 3” with the subtitle “Give me this mountain”

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