RCCG July 2018 Holy Ghost Service – Stronger Than Your Enemies part 7, Permanent All Round Victory

RCCG July 2018 Holy Ghost Service

Stronger Than Your Enemies part 7

Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye

Topic: Permanent All Round Victory

Text: 2Kings 5:1-14



Prayer: Father, Lord of host, arise and defend Nigeria

Prayer: Father, Lord of host, arise and defend my family.

Prayer: Father, Lord of host, arise and defend your church.

Prayer: Father, Lord of host, arise and defend me


2Kings 5:1-14 – When we talk about All Round Victory it means that there is no reproach in your life. Namaan had a reproach that reduced the success in his life to nothing. Genesis 16:1-5 Sarah was despised by her maid because she had a reproach in her life. 1Samuel 1:1-20 Hannah was loved by her but she had a reproach- she was barren; but God moved. 2Kings 4:8-17 The Shunammite woman had everything but she was barren.


God moves in several ways; one of it is to silence the mockers – Psalm 115:1-3, 2Kings 4:1-7, 2Kings 2:19-22


Prayer: Every reproach in my life, remove it tonight.


We are using the story of Naaman because the journey for his permanent victory started from within his house. So many times when you need help you need help that is like first aid; help from within. Psalms 46:1, Exodus 15:22-25, 2Kings 4:1-7, Matthew 17:24-25. The one that God will use to help you might be sitting next you.


Prayer: Father, send help to me now!

We see that through the maid Naaman was connected to the one that will help his


As the Almighty God lives, before the end of this month, God will connect you to the helper of your destiny.


I want to assure somebody today, in His mysterious way, He will link you up


Exodus 4:1-6 Moses was the one God called to go to Egypt and deliver the people but he told God he cannot speak well; God then used Aaron.  Exodus 17:8-13 When the Amalakites came to attack the Israelites the same Aaron was there to support Moses’s hand. Deuteronomy 34:9 God had a planned for Joshua and he linked him up with Moses.


Prayer: Father, use any method but connect me to those who would help my destiny.


In the story of Naaman we found that after God connected him to the one who would give him permanent victory he nearly destroyed God’s agenda. Naaman had two big personal problems; he was proud and he was a man of temper.

James 4:6 – God resist the proud. Ecclesiastes 7:9 If a man is tempered forgive me for saying this; you are a fool. What is your internal enemy? Is it appetite like the case of Esau? Is it money like Gehazi? Romans 8:31 – If God be for you nothing can be against you except you.


Prayer: Father, don’t let my inner man destroy my destiny. Don’t let me be my own enemy


Naaman was going away in a rage. When God has made up his mind to help you nothing will stop him. 1Kings 19:1-8

John 21:1-19 After Jesus had told Peter he won’t be fishing, after Jesus died he went back to fishing but Jesus went after him.


Prayer: Father, don’t let me go. Hold fast onto me.


It was the seventh time that Naaman came out clean. Deut. 28 says if you hearken diligently to all…not few. God help us the Christians because we must miss out on the details. He says give cheerful not grudgingly. He says put me first. When you want to deal with God deal with Him all the way; He is a God of details. 2kings 14:13-19. Do what He says you will never be defeated.


Prayer: Father, the grace to obey you completely give me today

What do I do so that my victory will remain permanent forever? After Naaman received his miracle he came back to say thank you. The reason many of us don’t have miracles is because we don’t come back to say thank you. Mark 1:40-45, Mark 5

Learn to say thank you. Learn to appreciate Him for what he has done in the past.


For the next ten minutes give thanks to God. He has done a lot for you; thank HIM

Now after you have given thanks, in any area you are fighting a battle talk to God. Talk to HIM to give you absolute and permanent victory in any area of your life.


Lord of host before the sun rises let all of us sing the song of triumph. Father let us have absolute and total triumph in every area of our lives.


Final blessing: The almighty God will bless you permanently, He will support you permanently. Whatever the enemy may want to try God will not let you go. He will link you up with those who will help you. He will bless your offering He will sanctify it. Your victory will be permanently, so shall it be.

As you go God will go with you, you will find a favor with God you will find favor with men. So shall it be in Jesus name. Amen



The next Holy Ghost Service will come up on the 10th of August 2018 during the Holy Ghost Convention  starting on the 6th of August to 12th.



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