THEME: Wind of Change: Special Prayer for Landlords, Landladies, Tenants, Landowners, those trusting God for house and their families.

MINISTERING: Pastor E.A Adeboye

TEXT: EXODUS 14: 21-28


Worship the Almighty, thank Him for January, February, March, April and May


Prayer for tenants: Father: even before the end of this year, let tenants become Landlords


Prayer for Landlords: Father, don’t let the Landlords become tenants.


Everyone wants to be great. It is the plan of God for everyone He created to be great – Gen 1:28

God doesn’t mind you starting small but he doesn’t want you to remain small; he hates it when you remain small Matthew 25:14-28


In the name of the one who called me I decree you will not die small


When the wind blows immediately there will be a way when there is no way before


For somebody here the wind will blow today


When you study the bible you will discover that when the wind blows it brings provision – Nehemiah 11: 31


Everyone of you willing to do the will of God, everything you need and much more shall be provided for you.


When the wind blew for David; the man in the bush found himself in the palace. When the wind blows for you, you will get accelerated promotion. 1 Samuel 26:1-23. There are some of us who think you can never own a house, please don’t rule out God. When the wind of God blows for you He can give you a house you did not build.


In a way you can’t even understand you will become a Landlord


There is good change and there is bad. Change is good for the poor, he can become rich. Change is not be good for the rich; he can become poor. This is why I asked us to pray that none of our Landlords will become tenants.


In the text we read, the same wind that helped the Children of Israelites to cross the red sea caused those pursuing them to drown in the sea. Where you stand when the wind begins to blow is very important; are you doing the will of God or are you against His will. For example God called Jonah to go and preach to the people of Nineveh. God told him to go East and he took a boat to go West – Jonah 1


If the wind is blowing against whatever you have done wrong, may God reveal it to you now


The reason many have us have been praying and not getting answers is the wind is blowing against us; we have not been doing the will of God – John 15:15-16. We know the way to heaven, we tasted the power of Jesus Church but we are surrounded by people who are perishing and we are not doing anything about it. You can’t stand against the wind; anyone who wants to survive when the wind is blowing must be in the same direction that the wind is blowing.


Many mighty trees are uprooted when there is a storm in the jungle. But the grass, as soon as they see the wind is blowing they bow according to the direction of the wind, after the wind has finished blowing they return to their position. The Almighty God wants His wind to blow in your favor so that things would be better for you but are you doing his will? How many souls have you won for Him?


The reason you are still alive today is because God still have interest in you. If you repent today He will return the wind in your favor. If you decide today that you will do the will of God, I can assure that if you are a tenant today you will become a Landlord; if you are Landlord you will become an Estate owner.


If you have not yet surrender your life to Christ you are your own enemy. Surrender your life to Christ so that the wind will stop blowing against you.


Prayer: Father, beginning from now, let your wind blow in my favor.

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