Second Lap of RCCG 2018 FASTING

The second lap of the RCCG 2018 fasting and prayers would start from the 1st of July, 2018. The fasting will run for 21 or 10 days depending on you.

If you are fasting for 21 days, you fast from 12midnight to 6pm (Normal fast). If you are fasting for 10days you will observe a dry fasting.

You are expected to pray twice daily: Morning devotion and 5pm in your different parishes.

Prayer Points for the second lap of RCCG 2018 fasting


Prayer Points – Download PDF – JULY 2018 21 DAYS FASTING AND PRAYER GUIDE

  1. Pray for Nigeria for victory over blood sucking demons terrorizing the Nation. (If you are outside Nigeria, you can put your country in place of Nigeria)
  2. Victory for the church of God
  3. Victory for our families
  4. Victory for you as an individual


Note: You can pick any 21 days for the normal fast or any 10 days for the dry fast in the month of July for your convenience.


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