STRICTLY FOR GODLY WOMEN: Wives, Submit Yourselves

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. Ephesians 5:22


Dear Women,

I want to befriend the trend of writing letters, not to impeach your feminity, but to enthrone your dignity. Since the recent popular letter in the media was written to a man on top, I wish this fraction will balance the quadratic gender equation.


I was on a queue for fuel recently under a scorching sun during productive hours when an elderly driver attempted to shunt the line. A young officer in uniform challenged him threatening to deflate his tyres with bullets. The elderly man protested but submitted: “if not for the uniform and the gun you’re carrying, you’re not worth my messenger”! Everybody chorused in our Ibadan diction: “Watefa, sha go and queue”! He didn’t submit to the harshness and rashness of the officer, but to authority behind the uniform and capacity in the gun!


When a wife submits herself to her OWN husband, it is not the man she submits to, it is “UNTO THE LORD”! In a Christian home, if you contest authority with your OWN husband, it is the Lord you’re disregarding, not him! A woman who honors the Lord will never have issues with submission even if the husband uses military approach in godly order! A woman can easily submit to the boss, pastor, mum, or friends but only a wife will submit to her own husband. Caveat: whatever the Lord will not ask you to do doesn’t deserve obedience! Your submission is “as unto the Lord”!


“OWN” is an issue we must resolve. First, are you married to your own husband? Who gave you to him? Second, If you see him as your bedmate or children’s father, or Pastor’s choice or sexual volunteer, and not your “own husband”, you cannot submit! Do you own his fault in the public or you disown him? Do you own his godly visions and values? Do you own his eternal passion or it’s just his money, car, looks, phones that you want to own?


By: Ayo-Oluwa Oloyede, Coordinator Men of Purpose Network

Happy International Women’s Day

You are invited

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