The Light Impacts Daily Devotional – THE HEALING PILL

The Light Impacts Daily Devotional – THE HEALING PILL



“My son, attend to my Words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life (giving pills, tablets, lozenges) unto those that find them, and health (healing medicine) to all their flesh.” Pro 4:20-22. You’ll understand these verses of the Wonder Working Word of God better reading them in your local dialect.


How I wish I can quote it in Yoruba! Very soon, I trust God that you’ll be getting the L -impacts devotional in audio visual form so as to go along with the word expression. God’s Word is replete with healing pills. It can heal ALL MANNER of sickness and disease for gratis. You pay for drugs, but you don’t pay for the Word, you JUST NEED TO FIND IT. It will only give LIFE for free to those who find Him – the Word! Wow!


But my generation is too lazy to create time to research, find and concoct their own healing pills from God’s Word. They prefer to spend their fortunes on drugs which have side effects. God’s Word doesn’t have any side effects, there’s no such thing as overdose, the more you use it, the better for you. The cancer lady used it 10,000 times at a go, cancer cancelled itself without relapse. Haa! No drugs in this world can be used that much without side effects. Let’s be wise!


Action cue: Are you saved? Included in your redemption package is a sickness free life. It’s free, Go find it. U’re Graced.





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