The Light Impacts Devotional – GRACE EXPOSED!



 “Grace be with all them that LOVE our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.” Ephesians 6:24.


That’s one of the demands of Grace. Sincere and agape love for Christ. As we enter into a new month and as the day goes by; let your love for Christ and His business become deeper. Shun all form of superficiality. God who first loved us is worth a die hard love back from us.


Five is a number of Grace in the kingdom. Making a decision to love God more will be a good thing to do as you plan your month. Loving God more releases more Grace of God on you the more. May Grace make you this month in Jesus name.


Action cue: Do you need Grace; then, love God. If you love Him, you’ll love His Word, house, people etc.



Oluwalana Peter (JSB)

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