The Light Impacts Devotional – YOU NEED IT; GOD DOESN’T

Caption: YOU NEED IT; GOD DOESN’T – Giving to God 


“ church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving, but ye only. Not because I DESIRE a gift (’cause I don’t need it): but I DESIRE fruit that may (multiply) abound to your (heavenly & earthly) account.” You need it; I don’t. Think on this scripture please.


There’s nothing I have ever given to God and to His course (tithe, offering, kingdom promotion etc) that God needed but I needed it. We don’t give to God because He’s in need. God will never be in need and will never need or require man’s help to cater for any need if He has one.


God is not in need and will never be; He’s the meeter of all our needs neither does He need help; He’s the helper of the helpless. From the scripture, giving does a world of good to the giver than to the given. Any occasion to give to God’s work is one time opportunity for God to bless you. Give with understanding.


Action cue: Do away with all the misrepresentation from the pulpit saying God needs help. He doesn’t, you and I do.



Oluwalana Peter.

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