3hours Interdenominational Prayer for Nigeria – Pastor E.A Adeboye

Prayer of Thanksgiving – Prophet Isa Elbuba (Psalms 145:1-21)

  • Almighty Father we thank you for Nigeria, we thank you for your mercy, we thank for your preservation, we thank you for upholding this Nation; please accept our thanks.
  • Join your hands together – Father we thank you for reigning over Nigeria, thank you for your grace over Nigeria.


Prayer of Repentance – (Jonah 3:5-10, Psalm 130:1-4)

  • Father, we come in repentance, for sins against you. We all have sinned for the corruption in our Land. We are sorry and we ask that you forgive us O Lord for all forms of corruption we have committed.
  • Oh Lord, forgive us for our corruption and fraud at any level
  • OH Lord, we repent from the corruption that is in the church; Lord, pour your spirit of repentance upon your church.


Prayer for President, Vice-President and the Senate – Song: My Hope is built on Nothing Else

  • Lord we call upon you for our president and vice president we commit their lives and families into your hands; it will be well with them. Control their hearts. Protect them from the wicked ones. Lift them above their enemies
  • Pray for the families of the president and the vice president; pray that God will protect them.
  • We will pray for the Senators and House of representatives members that God will lead them; they will not make laws that are against the will of God. God will control and lead them.
  • Pray for our Governors and Local government Chairmen; pray that God will not leave them alone.


Prayer for Nigeria EconomyHaggai 2:8-9

  • Jesus! Father, In the name of Jesus, let the wealth of Nigeria return to Nigeria; wherever our wealth has gone, Lord return it.
  • Father, in the name of Jesus, cause Nigeria to begin to enjoy the wealth you have given to us.
  • Father, in the name of Jesus, the economy of Nigeria will never go down again.
  • Father, everyone who has been plundering the wealth of Nigeria, we take it away from them.
  • Father, for the sake of the people of God, let the price of oil begin to rise again
  • Father, we give wisdom to those managing the wealth of the Nation; Lord, deal with the wasters of Nigeria’s wealth.


Prayer for 2019 General Election – Bishop T.V Adelakun (Psalms 47:4, Isaiah 60:18)

  • Father, choose our inheritance for us. Let your will be done regarding the 2019 elections. Father, choose for us leaders that will lead us aright.
  • Father, choose people that will lead Nigeria to its inheritance in 2019
  • Father, there shall be no violence in Nigeria during and after the elections. No destruction in Jesus name.
  • Father, enforce Your peace in every part of Nigeria.
  • Father, in 2019 election there shall be no rigging, we must get it right.


Prayer for the Military, Para-Military, Police and Security Agencies – Bishop Osoani (Ecclesiastes 12:14)

  • Pray that everyone will do their work in the fear of God; we command the hand of God to rest upon them.
  • Father, we decree that your Mighty hand to move amongst our security operatives
  • Give thanks to God for our security operatives.


General Prayer for Peace of the Nation – Pastor Taiwo Odukoya (Leviticus 26:6-12 Mark 4. Philippians 4:6)

  • In the name of Jesus, we come against the power of the enemy; we rebuke the wind of corruption, the wind of nepotism, wind of destruction, wind of fear. We pull it down in the name of Jesus.
  • Decree the peace of God in the high and low places of Nigeria.
  • Father, we receive in our land in the name of Jesus.
  • Prophecy and say am surrounded by favor, Nigeria is surrounded by favor. Prophecy and fruitfulness prosperity in Nigeria.
  • Father, power of new inventions I receive. Give our leaders the will to make Nigeria prosper.
  • Thank God for answered prayers


Prayer for the Health Sector – Pastor Yemi Davies

  • Give thanks to God for the peace of Nigeria
  • Father, in the health sector, let there be divine intervention
  • Pray for the leaders in the Health Sector, that the hands of God will rest upon them.
  • Father, turn the counsel of those conspiring against the well-being of every sector in Nigeria to foolishness 2Samuel 15:31
  • Father, silence every Herod making decisions against the well-being of God’s people in Nigeria.


Prayer for Nigerians in Diaspora – Bishop Oscar Ossai (Isaiah 25:6-7)

  • Thank God for blessing our Nation
  • Every evil wall cast over our Nation be destroyed in Jesus name
  • Ask God to favor Nigerians abroad wherever they are.
  • Prophecy, when they our passport let them see the favor of God; let favor follow the image of Nigerians
  • Pray, wherever Nigerians are they will be law abiding; wherever they are they shall be known for good character


Prayer against Blood suckers, Kidnappers, Nepotism (Evil doers) -Rev (Dr) Mercy Ezekiel (Isaiah 49:24)

  • Father, every kidnapper in this country be exposed
  • Father, we decree that every evil doer will suck their own blood
  • Everyone who engages in injustice in this country shall no more find peace. You will disgrace them out of Nigeria; they will fall when nobody is pursuing them.
  • Father, those who turn figures to suit themselves and their families, Lord you will arrest them in Jesus name.
  • Father, every human trafficker in this country shall be caught in Jesus name.
  • Every demon in charge of corruption let them be arrested. God arise and fight for us. Visit the families of those looting our monies.


Prayer for all-round goodness – Christopher Kolade

  • Father, we are grateful that without asking you, you have provided everything we need; thank you for what you have done already.
  • Father, we want to learn from you; we want you to teach us how to make use of what you have given us.
  • Father, please help us; we know that we need help. We have misused our gifts upon us for long…Father forgive us. We need forgiveness


Prayer for families and elders – Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye (Genesis 1:28)

  • Father, we thank you for your good plans for our families
  • Father, forgive us for all the laws we have abused in our homes.
  • God, bring a turnaround to all our family members. From sickness to good health; from poverty to riches. Every form of sorrow should cease. Failures of any kind must cease in our families in Jesus name.
  • Father, we pray for our elders, all diseases that come with old age will not be their portion in Jesus name. As from today, there will be no blindness, stroke or any diseases in Jesus name.
  • Father, we pray for our youths that they will know you. The evil influence of the social media will cease in our youths in Jesus name.
  • Father, every form of instability in our families, God will remove. Every joy in marriages will continue. There won’t barrenness in our homes. Sickness shall depart from our homes
  • The blessings pronounced in Genesis 1:28 shall manifest in our families.


Prayer for the Youths – Austen Ukachi (Psalm 144:12 1Timothy 4:12 Malachi 4:6)

  • Father, turn around the hearts of youths to the fathers, and the heart of the father to the youths; let there be an awakening in the hearts of the youths towards the heavenly Father and earthly father.
  • Oh Lord, every youth living in rebellion against their fathers, turn their hearts back to their fathers.
  • Oh Lord, bless the youths in their education, make a way in the education system so that our youths can be educated.
  • Oh Lord, restore standards and values in our education system for the youths.
  • Oh Lord, bless our youths with the wisdom of job creation
  • Father, you are the giver of good gifts; provide jobs for our youths, give them wisdom.
  • Father, arise and deliver our youths from abuses; drug abuse, sexual abuse, all kinds of abuse.
  • Oh Lord you are the great teacher, teach our youths the ways of the Lord


Prayer for the Church – Pastor E.A Adeboye

  • Lord God Almighty, send down your fire on all the churches in Nigeria like the day of Pentecost.
  • Father, any agent of the devil hibernating under the canopy of Christ; let your fire fall upon them in Jesus name.
  • Father, you promised us that the gates of hell will not prevail over your church; Lord every enemy of your church destroy today.
  • Father, empower your church; in all churches let miracle be common.
  • Father, your word says in Genesis 11:6 because your people are in one voice nothing they want shall be impossible; Father, unite your church so that we can begin to do the impossible.
  • Father, take over Nigeria; begin from here let the power of revival spread to all he parts of the Nation.
  • Pray for yourself, your family, your towns and villages; pray that God will solve all your problems.
  • Join your hands together with your neighbor- Father I am praying for this person I am holding, answer his prayers by fire.
  • Bless the name of God, for making this possible. Give HIM honor and adoration.


Final blessings

Almighty Father, thank you for Nigeria, thank you because we know the answers have already come. I commit your children unto your hands, bless them, and let their blessings overflow. Even as we know the future of Nigeria is going to be glorious let their own future be glorious as well.

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