David according to the Bible is the second King of the Land of Judah and Israel. He is described as a man who feared God and had passion for the things of God. Because of this, God was with him when King Saul was hunting and God promised to raise Jesus from his lineage and then establish his throne forever. 1Samuel 7:12-16

Let’s see some of the attributes of David which I believe if we inculcate we will be rightly placed with God and enjoy HIS blessings.


#1. He is man after God’s heart – 1Samuel 13:14: Before Samuel anointed David, God had adjudged him a man after His own heart. At the time, David was just a boy taking care of his father’s sheep in the wilderness. This means that, in the wilderness David wasn’t just taking care of the sheep, he was fellowshipping with God.

Therefore, despite your busy schedule, find time to commune and fellowship with God; never stop seeking the things of the kingdom.


#2. He is a true worshipper: David had passion for God; it wasn’t shallow. This was clearly seen in 2Samuel 6:5, 14 where he danced before the Lord, singing songs and playing musical instrument.

God dwells in the worship of His people; when you worship Him, He will manifest His power. Be like David, be a Worshipper.


#3. He is a courageous man – 1Samuel 16:18: it is interesting to know that David was called a brave warrior even before he killed Goliath. The warriors of Israel were terrified by Goliath but David wasn’t.

Irrespective of the situation or challenge you may be facing, remain courageous; it is a command from God (Joshua 1:9).


#4. He is a faithful man – 1Samuel 16:13: David’s knew of Saul’s intentions and jealousy towards him, yet, he remained faithful to the King, carrying out the duties assigned to him.

“Whatever you are doing, work at it with enthusiasm, as to the Lord and not for people, 24 because you know that you will receive your inheritance from the Lord as the reward” Colossians 3:23-24 The bible encourage us to work with enthusiasm in our service to others like we are serving God, and God will bless us in return.

Peradventure you have a boss who doesn’t like you or you are on a job and you feel you aren’t well-paid or you are been denied some privileges at your place of work, don’t let it affect your service and commitment to work; give your best so that your heavenly Father would reward you.


#5. He respect the Lord’s anointed -1Samuel 24:1-7, 26:8-11: David had the chance to kill King Saul when he was hunting him, but withheld himself from doing so because of the anointing of God on Saul. The Lord forbids that is anointed should be harmed (Psalms 105:15).

Just like Saul, only God can deal with the one he had anointed. Therefore, be careful of your utterances especially against the men of God. Don’t be part of evil conspiracy against an anointed man of God.


Happy Thanksgiving Sunday


Oluwafemi Olaonipekun

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