Don’t Be A Judas Among Disciples

Don’t Be A Judas Among Disciples

Caption – The Judas among Disciples 


In every gathering of people there will always be people who will present themselves to be used by the devil to accomplish his enterprise. Don’t be a Judas, be used by God to uphold righteousness in every domain of your placement!


“From that time on, Judas began looking for the right time and place to betray Jesus.” (Matthew 26:16 NLT)


Jesus Christ had 12 disciples but one of them i.e. Judas turned out to be an instrument in the hands of the devil.


The teachings of Jesus and the relationship with Him did not stop Judas from being used by the devil. The implication of this is that: out of every 12 people in every domain of life there is a likelihood of having one Judas.


One may be wondering why a man who lived with Jesus and heard the secret of the kingdom will turn out to be a black sheep among the disciples.


There are several men who claim to be Christians; having biblical names, spiritual titles and position in the church but at the forefront of corrupt practices and shameful acts; dragging the name of the Lord in the mud.


It is not as if these people don’t know what the will of God is but they presented themselves to be Judas. Don’t be a Judas. At your own end in the domain of your placement; you represent your church, home or family, institution and your God.


Don’t allow your lifestyle to hinder people from knowing God and walking in his ways. 


All men who make themselves available to be used by the devil are referred to as Judas!!!

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