Faith Clinic: Prayer Points for August

Faith Clinic: Prayer Points for August
  • Worship and give thanks to God for His faithfulness, mercy, protection and grace. – 10mins
  • Father, every place that the sole of my foot shall tread upon in this month, give unto me in Jesus name. Joshua 1:3
  • Father, in the name of Jesus, make me to be more honorable than my peers. 1 Chronicles 4:9
  • Father, you are the God that promotes; promote me in the month of August. Psalm 75:6-7
  • Father, bless me and enlarge my coast in this new month. 1Chronicles 4:10
  • Father, deliver me from every afflictions in Jesus name. Psalms 34:19
  • Father, don’t let my enemies rejoice over me; bring an end to my reproach in Jesus name. Psalm 35:19
  • Father, recover to me in this month all that have lost since the beginning of the year 2018.
  • Father, let thy hand of protection be upon me and my household in this month. 1Chronicles 4:10
  • Father, in the month of August, give me the grace to be strong and courageous. – Joshua 1:9
  • Father, don’t let your mercy depart from me and my family in Jesus name. 2Samuel 7:15
  • Father, I commit all my walk and works in the month of August into your hands. Psalms 37:5
  • Father, grant my requests in Jesus name.

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