Prayer Points against enemies and tormentors

Prayer Points against enemies and tormentors
  1. Father, I give thanks to you for now allowing my enemies to rejoice over me.
  2. Lord of host, I give thanks to you for fighting my battles
  3. Father, roast by fire every power monitoring me for evil.
  4. Lord of host, anywhere my name is been mentioned for evil, answer by fire.
  5. Lord, every evil word spoken into my destiny, erase it by your blood.
  6. Father, attack all powers that are attacking my helpers.
  7. Father, all those powers that say I will not make progress in life, destroy them by now.
  8. Father, don’t let my life be cut short by evil perpetrators
  9. Father, separate me from every friend that is seeking for my downfall
  10. Father those who are conducting research to bring me and my family down let them die now
  11. Every power flying for evil over my life, destroy it now.
  12. Father all those who have sworn with their lives to bring me down. Father, take those lives now!
  13. Father, all those who run around to harm me, let them be doomed.
  14. Father, every evil emergency meeting summoned over my life, Father, scatter the meeting now!
  15. Father, anywhere my name is been called for evil, answer by fire
  16. Father, let there be no agreement among all my enemies
  17. Father, my enemies will not use me to settle their quarrel in the Name of Jesus!
  18. Father, those who say I will not get to the top, let them be at my mercy
  19. Father, I cancel every evil prophecy in the Name of Jesus
  20. Father, make me victorious over my enemies always in Jesus name.



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