Prayer Points for February 2019 – Prayer for mercy

Prayer Points for February 2019 – Prayer for mercy
  1. Praise and worship God – Confess your sins to God and others and start pleading for mercy.

2. Father, purge me of all my sins; of the wrong steps have taken in the past, the wrong actions and the wrong words he uttered.

3. Father, throughout this year, have mercy on me.

4. Father, by your mercy turn every shame the world have known me for to glory.

5. Father, by your mercy, I will not be a victim of evil bondage.

6. Father, let your mercy speak for me whenever I call upon You

7. Father, by your mercy, remove every obstacle between me and you in Jesus name.

8. Oh Lord, help my helplessness: make a way for me where there seem to be no way.

9. Father, throughout this year, my cruise of oil will not fail in Jesus name. 1 kings 17:16

10. Father, by your mercy, don’t let me fall from grace in Jesus name.

11. Oh Lord, throughout my lifetime, let my life glorify your name.

12. Holy Spirit perfect your work in my life and don’t let me condemned in Jesus name. Romans 8:1

Stay Blessed

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