Prayer Points for Unhappy Marriages and Troubled Homes

Marriage is ordained by God; it is the oldest institution extended back to the beginning of creation – Garden of Eden.

Marriage is the building block of any human society. A State or Nation with high rates of divorce and troubled homes would have high rates of crime and moral decadence. Not to mention the trauma those in troubled homes go through. Thus,  we must pray for troubled homes.


  1. Father, we thank you for the gift of family. We thank you because it has pleased you set us all in families. – Genesis 10:5, Psalms 68:6


  1. We thank you because we know there are blessings attracted to every family you have created and brought together. – Genesis 12:3, 28:14


  1. For every seed you have given us, Lord we pray that we would be able to teach them your ways. – Genesis 18:19



  1. For every troubled home, we speak peace, calm and joy. We declare that every stormy wave hears God and becomes still. – Mark 4:39, Psalms 46:10


  1. We receive divine supplies for ever home going through financial drought



  1. Lord let your blessings on every home materialize and let every need be met; timely and accordingly.


  1. In the name of Jesus, we call back every straying partner/spouse/child. We declare restoration unto you from all wanderings.



  1. In every home that the wine has gone sour, Father let there be an emptying of the old and a refilling of the new which becomes sweeter as it gets old.


  1. Our marriages and homes are forever secure in you Jesus name. Afflictions will no longer rise and our victories would be permanent.



  1. The grace to reign with you at the end of human existence together with every member of our family/generation, we receive and we are thankful for we know you have heard and answered all our prayers. Amen


By Teminijesu Ojediran.






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