Prayer Points for Special Divine Encounter – Pastor EA Adeboye


RCCG Special Divine Encounter

February 5 – 9th 2018

Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye

Text: 2Chronicles 1:6-12, 1Kings 3:3-15

All Prayer Point from Day 1 to Day 5

  • Father, thank you for the blank cheque, I don’t want to be just healed, I want to be healthy, I want to be strong, I want my shadow to heal the sick.


  • Father, thank you for the blank cheque, I just don’t want my needs to be met, I want to overflow.


  • Father, I don’t just want to work miracles for you, I want to work special miracles, give me all the gifts of the Holyspirit.


  • Father, this very night give me a miracle that will frighten all my enemies.


  • Father, the kind of miracle that will daze my neighbors, give to me tonight.


  • Father, please give me a miracle that will shake me.


  • Father, the kind of miracle that will appear to me like a dream, Lord give it to me tonight


  • Father, this very night, give me a financial miracle that will be like a dream


  • Father, let all my dreams come to pass; physical dreams, spiritual dreams.


  • Father, let the time to fulfill my dreams be today


  • Father, even if you will shake the heavens to fulfill my dreams, go ahead and do the shaking. Whatever you will do to bring my dreams to pass, go ahead and do it.


  • Father, I don’t know you will send, just send help to me so that my dreams may be fulfilled.


  • Father, come down and give deliverance to my Nation


  • Father, make a way for my village, town, city.


  • Father, lay your mighty hands on my hands, send a miracle to my family


  • Father, send me a personal miracle today


  • Father, today give me a unique miracle


  • Father, give me the grace to please to you in all my doings.


  • Father, just try me. I will be your divine treasurer. I will do Your own so You can do my own.


  • Prayer Points – Father, I will no longer limit you, please do for me everything You can do.


  • Worship the Lord Most-High; give HIM glory. Magnify His holy name; bless His holy name.


  • Prayer Point – Father, give me the grace to do for you what nobody has ever done before so that You can do for me what You have never done before


Final blessing

God will bless you. He will do more that you have asked for. He will do for you what He has never done for anybody before. From now on, you will enjoy abundance, good health and peace on all sides. Your joy will never end in Jesus name.


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