Prayer: Father, open my ears today, let me hear You.


Please, hearken diligently, listen in your spirit. Genesis 1:1-3, God is saying to someone here now “let there be light”. 


AND GOD SAID – “And God Said” is a conjunction of what has been said before and what has happened. I am rejoicing because I know my case shall be settled finally tonight. The importance of a statement is determined by the speaker. God is the Speaker tonight. 


John 1:1-3The Word of God is speaking the Word. Seeing our text, the earth was confused, disorderly, void and empty before God said.

When God said let there be light, He’s saying; Let confusion end – 1 Corinthians 14:33. God isn’t the author of confusion. When He said let there be light, He spoke clarity and order. The next thing God did was to Separate light from darkness. John 9:5,

Matthew 5:14-16: Jesus called us the light of the world, He separated us into Himself.


Tonight, I am saying to someone, Darkness will leave you alone.


“And God Said”  Exodus 10:21-23 -And God said also signifies progress like it is in the scripture above. If your headlamp goes out when driving at night, you’d stop immediately if you’re wise.

When light comes, motion begins.


I’ve come to announce to someone tonight, beginning from this moment, your progress will be accelerated.


Genesis 26:12-14 – God’s plan for you is to be great, make progress, move forward, grow higher and continuously great.

You’ll keep on making progress as light comes into your life.


As God lives, when you come next hear, the crowd here will be greater.


In the same manner, I prophesy that by the time you return next year, you’ll be greater than the way you are now.


Let there be light also means let fruitfulness/fullness begin – Genesis 1:21-22. 


Let there be light means an end must come to emptiness.  


I stand on that word to decree: physically, spiritually and materially your emptiness ends tonight.


The one I probably like the most under the light series is “Let joy begin” – Psalms 30:5


I decree this night, you shall sorrow no more.

Genesis 1:26-28


God’s first statement to man was, “You’re blessed.”

I believe God is looking at me, the tweeter and saying “You’re blessed” – Put your name and declare your blessings – Genesis 1:26-28.


Being blessed means every force on earth and in heaven will cooperate to favour a man – Genesis 27:26-29


Not every soil is good soil. Even Jesus affirmed so in Matthew 13:3-8. But being blessed means that even the earth will favour you. 


I decree in Jesus name that from now on, you’ll sow on good soil.


In Jesus name, everywhere you go, you will find helper.


If you are blessed of God you cannot be cursed by any man – Numbers 23:5-11.


 I decree, every curse on your life will be change to blessings.


The first word God spoke to man represents multiplication. To Multiply means to increase rapidly.

Replenish: To overflow. Psalms 23:5. This is being blessed that the enemy can’t do anything about it.


It doesn’t matter what the enemy may try, because you’re here tonight, your joy will overflow.


Let’s move to Isaiah 54:17. This means that God will protect you. Isaiah 54:15-16, God says there will be gathering but not of Him, but the gathering will fall for your sake. Mark 16:17-18 – He said no poison will have any effect on you. Even that of a snake will have no effect on you. He proved this Acts 28:1-6 for Apostle Paul. 


I hereby decree that any witch or wizard that try to suck my blood will die.


Daniel 3:14-30 – A King got angry with God’s sons and decided to heat up and burn them alive. The fire was so hot that it burnt its feeders. But God told the fire to suspend its ability to burn. 


I decree to you today that anyone trying to throw you into Fire, that fire will finish them.


Daniel 6:1-the end. Even Daniel was thrown into the den of lions.God caused the lions to have constipation that refused them to eat and saved Daniel. 


Genesis 17:1 – This means that God will provide for you adequately, sufficiently, and abundantly.

Jehovah Elshaddai can provide by various means. 


1 Kings 17:8-16 – God provided for Elijah at different times through different supernatural means and persons. 1 Kings 19:4-8, John 6:5-13


I don’t know how God will do it, but I’m decreeing that all your needs shall be met!

God said so! 


Isaiah 66:1- His is saying loud and clear to you, “I will promote you.” There’s no seat higher than God’s seat. The earth is God’s footstool. This means that anyone who wants to hinder your promotion is under His foot. Proverbs 21:1


God can control even the sleep of Kings for your sake.

Esther 6:1-13 – God has done it before.


I decree today, anyone who can help you and doesn’t want to, God will take away their sleep. 


God caused Pharaoh to have two frightening dreams because Joseph had to be promoted from being a prisoner to a prime minister.


I don’t know who I’m talking to, any force hindering your promotion, God will give them dreams tonight. 


Revelations 3:7 – God has the keys of the last say.

If He says you’re blessed, promoted, it is so!

Psalms 33:11 – The counsel of the Lord shall stand. If He says it, it is settled! 


Neither sickness nor death has the last say in your life; God does!


In conclusion, I was praying, preparing for the night, then, God referred me to Isaiah 45:11:

Concerning the works of my hands, command ye me.

God said I should tell you tonight, to command Him for what you want Him to do for you.


In the light of this, I’ll give You 10 minutes to command and tell Him what you want.





  1. Father, command light into my life, put an end to confusion and emptiness. Let my joy begin.
  2. Father, because you said i’m blessed, I command all the forces in heaven and on earth to come to my aid speedily.
  3. Father, I demand multiplication, because I must begin to overflow now.
  4. Father, according to your word, protect me and all members of my family.
  5. Send help to me urgently, meet all my needs.
  6. Father, tonight, command my promotion.
  7. Father, speak a word into my life.
  8. Tell God all that You want Him to do for you.




  1. God said, before this night is over, He will touch you three times.
  2. God said, as you increase your praise, I will increase your anointing.
  3. God said, your case will be finally settle here tonight.
  4. God said, He will show up.
  1. God said, before the end of this month, you will sing a song – JESUS, YOU ARE A WONDER TO MY SOUL…
  2. God said, the sun that is going to rise tomorrow will mark the beginning of your rising.
  3. God said, next time you share your testimony everybody will stand.


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