THEME: Victory Over Marital Storm

MINISTERING: Pastor E.A Adeboye

TEXT: PSALM 30: 4-5


Give thanks to God for the gift of life. Praise His holy name. He is worthy to be praise


Prayer: Father, every storm in every family, put an end to it today


Prayer: Lord God Almighty, restore everything to normalcy in my life; solve every problem we are facing.


Worship song: “We bless your name Oh Lord, and we confess you that you are the LORD”


Every day starts from the evening, that is how God arranged it. Between every two days there must be a night – Genesis 1:1-8. If you are passing through a night season look forward to the day.There is no night that last forever except those who go to hell. When there is day there will be a night before another day. If you are in the daytime, congratulations. When the night comes God promised He will be with you – Isaiah 43:2.


As Christians we need to strengthen ourselves; if you find yourself in problems take courage the night will soon be over. But then, God has the ability to make your day last for a long time – Psalm 90:4. If you are in the day time and everything is going fine, God can say it should continue for one thousand years. It is possible that the day you are in now could last till you get to heaven; where there is no night – Rev 21:25


The children of Israelite were in a night time for 430 years – In Exodus 14 another night came and the enemy they thought they have left came pursuing them.


The man who wrote the text we read, Psalm 30:4-5 had been in a night season before – 1 Samuel 30:1-26. The worst tragedy that can happen to any man has to do with the family.


Declaration: From now on, in your homes, there will only be joy


Every man’s labour is for his children. When David came back from expedition he found out that his children and wives have been taken away. The bible says in the midst of the sorrow David encouraged himself in the Lord. whenever you find yourself in the night season turn to the Lord, He will restore – John 10:10 Mark 5:35-43


Declaration: Whatever is causing you to weep, my God will turn it to Joy


2 Kings 4:1-7 The Bible tells us of a family who are seriously indebted


Declaration: That Financial hardship that is tormenting your family will end this month


Matthew 15:21-28 The Bible tells us of a woman who has a child tormented by the devil. You will be amazed of the problems that are in the houses of the big and mighty.


Declaration: Every attempt of the enemy to torment your children shall fail in Jesus name.


Declaration: Everything the enemy has stolen from our family will be restored


Mark 4:35-41 – Jesus was in a boat, the storm came and He said “peace be still”. If Jesus hadn’t been in boat when the storm came, who will they wake up to still the storm.


If Jesus is in your boat when the storm comes you can call on him and he would still the storm. If Jesus is not in your boat, who will you call to still the storm?


Give your life to Jesus now. Come to Jesus now, so that when your night comes he will be able to help you.


Prayer: Father, Prince of Peace, every storm in my family, let it end today


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