The Light Impacts Daily Devotional – THE RESURRECTION POWER

The Light Impacts Daily Devotional – THE RESURRECTION POWER


That I may know Him, and the POWER of His resurrection..”Phil 3:10. Matthew 28:18 says: “And Jesus (after His resurrection) came and spake (boldly) unto them, saying, All POWER is given unto Me in heaven and in earth.”

Hallelujah! Christianity is a game of power! The death and resurrection of Jesus can be summarized to be a display of POWER. Power over sin, satan and all what he has to offer. Jesus while talking about His death in John 10 said He had the POWER to lay down His life and the POWER to take it again. Tongues! None of the religious leaders dared say this in their lifetime. Christianity is not a powerless religion but a birth into the display of power having encountered the person Christ.

It’s a baptism into empowerment. Rising up from death by oneself isn’t an ordinary thing but a display of POWER. You can’t just afford to be a powerless Christian. Being a Christian is not to be a member of a Church alone but to  go everywhere preaching the Gospel and wherever you see the devil at work, you display the POWER and stop him from all his activities.


Action cue: As the Father has sent me (with power), so (equal) send I you, Jesus said. There’s untold power in you as God’s son.


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