The Light Impacts Devotional – CHANNELS OF BLESSING



And without all contradiction (ambiguity or denial) the less is blessed of the better.” (KJV) “Without a doubt, the inferior is blest by the superior.” (HCSB). “In acts of blessing, the lesser is blest by the greater.” (MSG) Hebrews 7:7.


It was previously said that no one can bless himself and there’s no such thing as “I bless myself”, hence, the need for the above caption. Three channels of blessings are identified in Scriptures. We have God’s direct blessing, parental blessing and priestly blessing.


All these are the God ordained ways of blessing His people and will be dealt with one after the other. For a man to live a sweat less; struggle free life, blessing from these channels are germane. It’s also good to know that blessing from these channels are conditional.


Action cue: God’s blessing, parental blessing & priestly blessing are real. Wisdom is to connect to all of them.



Oluwalana Peter (JSB)

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