The Light Impacts Devotional – DEPEND ONLY ON GOD



’My soul, wait (DEPEND) thou only upon God; for my expectation [is] (only) from Him.’’ Psalm 62:5. This is one of my favourite scriptures.


I call it 1G – God only. Every child of God needs to grow up to the level of this law of absolute dependency on God as described by God’s Servant; Bishop Oyedepo. It’s a level where you shut your eyes against yourself or any other person for help.


God is an ever reigning King. That’s the reason why you must depend solely on Him. Man’s help may fail but not for God. A story is told of Stella Obasanjo’s sincerity to help her school daughter on her return from a trip abroad, unlucky her, the First-lady didn’t return alive. I see God helping you today in Jesus’ name. You are Graced.


Action cue: Set your gays only on Him and you will not be put to shame.



Oluwalana Peter (JSB)

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